There are several different treatments for different types of hair.

1. We use Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by Coppola. This is very gentle on the hair.
-Does not cause hair breakage
-No harsh fumes or chemicals
-Can be used on chemically treated hair. This treatment provides for high film affinity and bonding to relax the hair's sub-cuticle layer and eliminating frizz. Adds shine to the hair and makes hair look healthy. Results last typically 3-5 months. (works best for fine hair)

2. Brazillian Keratin Treatment Very Similar, used on thicker and unruly hair. Just a reminder, this treatment has been re-formulated and is heat activated.
-Original formula (4 days to shampoo)
-Chocolate formula (3 days to shampoo)
-New formula (only 24 hrs till shampoo)

Do's (before shampoo)
1. Do wear hair down at all times
2. Do use blow dryer if hair becomes wet or moist during the 3 to 4 day development period following the treatment
3. Use a flat iron to re-straighten areas as needed
4. Use a silk scarf to preserve the straightness of the hair during development period.

Don'ts (before shampoo)
1. Do not wash hair for 3 to 4 days so that the treatment can develop properly.
2. Don't tie hair back (in pony tail or clips) This will create unwanted dents, waves, or curls.
3. Don't use hair bands, hair clips or bobby pins.
4. Do not put your hair behind your ears, or put sun glasses on top of head.
5. Don't sweat excessively. Avoid working out and/or swimming during the development period.

Do's (after shampoo)
1. You must use a sulfite free, sodium chloride free, shampoos and conditioners.
2. Style as you wish
3. Enjoy your beautiful, smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair.

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**Complimentary consultations are recommended to determine which treatment would work best for your hair type and any concerns.